About the Project

PROGRESSUS SLOVAKIA together with its partners: Muzeum – Orawski Park Etnograficzny w Zubrzycy Górnej and Združenie cestovného ruchu Veľká Fatra carries out the project from the "Crossborder Cooperation Programme Poland-Slovak Republic 2007-2013", project code WTSL.02.03.00-82-238/10 titled “Do you know your region?

The main goal of our project is to build a network of organizational partnerships that will help to reexplore and protect shared history in the Poland-Slovak borderland. The core aim is to support social and economic development of the border region, including development of the cross-border cooperation in the fields of tourism, culture and natural heritage protection.
Specific project goals: 
1. Improve knowledge of cross-border region's history and culture in all age groups.
2. Promotion of the region throught creation of cultural roads.
3. Modernizing the process of learning regional knowledge through usage of internet and multimedia.
4. Motivating local administration, information agencies and schools to support and promote cultural events. 
5. Creating a database of regional historic and cultural attractions and its maintenance by network members.
6. Creation of an integrated cultural-touristic product as a base for an integral marketing strategy. 
Cross-border impact of the project is represented by the creation of a partnerships network consisting of Slovak and Polish borderland institutions. The project outputs include e-learnig classes for Slovak and Polish children, multilingual webpage, marketing study for tourism development distributed regionally in both languages, a cultural path "Slovans' Way" consisting of more then 50 mapped cultural and historic attractions in this borderland region etc.